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Bakusho Mountain Retreat


The country retreat used by Fuyu Iha, a renown Okinawan anthropologist. This hillside retreat was located at the western foot of the Gusuku Dake cliffs, a scenic spot in Naha City.

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900-0023 1-2-30 Sobe Naha Okinawa In the contracted parking lot
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A 3-minute walk from the Naha Koukou bus stop. Near the Donguri Hoikuen.

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Academic information
A villa has been traced to Fuyu Iha, who is considered the father of Okinawan anthropology. It was located at the western foot of Gusuku-dake (peak). The area was like a paradise, surrounded by plenty of trees, dark shadows, and tranquility. The Ihas farmland size was 2500 tsubo (about 8264㎡) which included local Ubugaa (well) and, Gusuku-dake further back. Later on, Iha wrote that when he was young he collected insects and plants at there.

In 1914, when he was the chief librarian at Okinawa Prefectural Library, Fuyu Iha built a tile-roofed house on his own land, where he could recuperate from his his chronic health problems. The house area was 12-tsubo (about 40㎡). During this time, Iha spent time farming on sunny days and reading on rainy days. He displayed a framed calligraphy in the house, it was said 「曝書山房」(pronouced Bakusho-Sanbou, meaning: airing room for books) written by Shojun-Matsuyama for the 4th prince of King Shotai. Okinawan study sessions were held at the house, and Shuncho Higa joined the sessions too. Also, the house was a base of the Christian Society Association's movement. However, after Iha moved to Tokyo in the late Taisho ero, the house passed to someone else.
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