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Uchi Kanegu utaki (uchi kanamiya sacred place)

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According to the Ryukyu national old chronicle, there was a beautiful hill with a lot of lush greenery. Benzaiten was enshrined there, because people’s faith from a long time ago famously believed in divine favors.
During the Manreki era (1573-1619), a man called Juon came from the country of Yamashiro. One day he prayed to Benzaiten. A few days later, he met a woman on the street and bought a hearth from her for a reasonable price. When he got home, he checked the hearth to find it was made of gold. The surprised Juon, in a fluster, tried to return the hearth to the woman. The woman appeared, introduced herself as Benzaiten, and praised him for his good deed. Juon was given the golden hearth as a reward.
Then, Juon built a shrine on the east side of the forest and named it “Uchikanegu.”
After that, Uchikanegu continued to be taken good care of for a long time, but currently no longer remains.

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900-0033 2-6 Kume Naha Okinawa
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About a 5-minute walk from the Yui Rail Kencho-mae Station.