Tourist attraction

Stone wall of the Tamanaha soy paste and soy sauce factory

Historic sites

Walk along with the hill called “Adaniga-bira”; aesthetic mossy and ivied stonewalls will appear. These long stone walls are part of the Nakada’s mansion remains. Nakada was a Shuri noble in the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Today, it is the “Tamanaha soy sauce and soy paste factory,” which is a 150-year old business establishment. There is a guide board about the “The Nakada’s mansion site” near the gate. Also, the birthplace of Choshu Haneji is in the neighborhood.

Basic information

903-0823 1-41 Onaka Shuri Naha Okinawa
Business hours
Nothing in particular.
Close day
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Access information
About a 6-minute walk from the Yui Rail Gibo Station.