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The Oroku district from old times has many historic Utaki (sacred place) and wells, as well as the cobbled streets that have been quietly and carefully left behind. One of the places where you can feel a part of the original scenery of Okinawa is this well and the old private house behind the well. Why not take a leisurely walk through the narrow alleys and discover something new.

Basic information

901-0152 263 Oroku Naha Okinawa South of the Uehara House
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Access information
Get off the "Yui Rail" at Onoyama-kouen Station. A 7-minute walk away.
Take the bus route No. 9, or No. 11, and get off at Oroku bus stop. About a 5-minute walk.

Additional Information

Academic information
Written in Chinese characters, “後ン川ガー”, the Ka(well) behind the village is the origin of the name. Off to the side of Oroku nakamichi’s shrine house (One of Oroku’s pioneer homes) the well is in front of it. Although the lid is covering the circularly dug well made of concrete, you can see that there is water. Next to the well, a water pump and water tank are installed. The incense burner has been placed next to the left of the well.
Behind the well is a Kuba tree (Livistona chinensis or fountain palm) that has grown very big, giving the place a sacred atmosphere.
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